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                Floating solar farm

                The upper layer is used for photovoltaic power generation and the lower layer is used for aquaculture. Due to the three-dimensional arrangement of photovoltaic panel support above the water surface and along the fish pond, it not only saves land and improves the economic value of land per unit area, but also does not affect aquaculture at the same time of power generation. It has the characteristics of "one land dual use, complementary fishing and lighting", and achieves the win-win of social, economic and environmental benefits.

                The photovoltaic array can also be set up in the fish pond, and the pond can continue to cultivate fish. The photovoltaic array can also provide a good shelter for fish culture, which can better solve the contradiction between the development of new energy and the occupation of a large number of land. Therefore, the distributed photovoltaic power generation system can be installed in agricultural greenhouses and fish ponds, forming a photovoltaic power generation mode of "fish light complementary". Shouxian County, a typical case

                After the project is put into operation, it not only plays a positive role in alleviating the power supply pressure of Shouxian power grid, but also integrates solar power generation and modern aquaculture. On the one hand, the solar photovoltaic system is installed on the fish pond to generate electricity directly without additional land occupation; on the other hand, it is fully utilized. We will form a construction mode of "fishing and light complementing each other" with "power generation above, aquaculture below, scientific development and comprehensive utilization", and comprehensively utilize space resources to develop new energy.

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